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Foxhills Junior School

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Week 6

Ruby's treasure island learning
Ruby's treasure island learning
Ben's maths
Robyn's Sound Poem
Henry's Zeus drawing
Henry's Greek Vase
Ruby's map learning
Ruby's super map learning!
Chloe's ocean cooking!
Chloe's fact sheet about dolphins!
Chloe's fact sheet about turtles!
Chloe's letter to Morrisons!
Chloe's letter to Morrisons
Harry's Porche!
Harry's short story
Harry's treasure Island writing
Harry's minecraft story
Vicky's times table learning
Vicky's proper noun learning
Oscar's inverse learning
Oscar's improving adverb learning
Oscar's multiples of 7
Oscar's place value practice
Oscar's blue planet reading comprehension
Oscar's Roman Numerals
Oscar's volcano facts
Oscar's simile learning
Oscar's addition learning
James' map learning
James' WRM learning
James' WRM learning
Aoife's rainbow words
Aoife's 5 questions
Elisabeth's Jackson Pollock research
Elisabeth's river learning
Elisabeth's recycling poster
Elisabeth's knowledge about coronavirus
Elisabeth's Jackson Pollock cake!
Ruby taking care of the gardening
Ruby has been practising her times tables!
Sammy's Eggcellent experiment
Sammy's egg cart
Martin's art
Alaina's arrt
Noah's art
VE Day by Noah
Noah's VE Day decorations
Izzy's questions to David Walliams
Izzy's Rainbow bear
Ruby's maths learning
Alaina's reading questions!
Alaina's reading learning
Alaina's inter words!
Alaina's drawing!
Alaina's once upon a picture learning
Alaina's maths learning
Alaina's treasure island learning
Lincoln's characters!
Lincoln's co-ordinates learning
Lincoln's french learning
Lincoln's grammar learning
Lincoln's grammar learning
Lincoln's map
Lincoln's maths learning
Lincoln's maths learning
Lincoln's reading learning
Lincoln's inter spellings!
Lincoln's story map
Lincoln's super writing!
Lincoln's treasure island learning
Lincoln's water cycle learning