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Foxhills Junior School

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Week 7

Jack R's picture for outside the front of school
Ewan's artwork for the gates.
Aaliyah has been busy baking!
Max's thoughts from the Maya picture
Zack has been exploring the colours of nature
Leon figured out all of the geography anagrams
Tarak's Maya god, Taka Paka, made out of clay
Tarak's Maya creation story about Taka Paka
Jacob's latest baking/cooking creations, yummy!
Emilia's research
William took part in a Matisse Art class!
William's finished piece!
Oliwia's learning about homophones
Oliwia's interpretation of 'Late for a Meeting'
Jemma's Spanish and time practice
Xenia's Creative Writing - Late for a Meeting
Ben has been a surveyor!
Managing a shop can be hard work!
Kim's artwork for the gates.
Lifeboat facts by Ollie
Biggest and Smallest lifeboat stations by Ollie
All about the lifeboats by Ollie
James's Maya mask.
James found the correct homophones.
Jess showed her thinking to solve the challenge.
James's Maya myth about the God of Sport.
Max having fun, doing chalk pictures
Henry's drawing, following a Rob Biddulph tutorial
Liam's addition practice
Liam doing some work on rounding
Liam having a go at the spelling task
Austin is studying some caterpillars!
Austin investigated static electricity!
Kim's silly sentences using homophones!
Kim's Maya goddess.
Raffy's ideas about the theories for Maya decline.
Sophie S's artwork for the gates.
Jeff has been practising lots of maths!
William's ideas about the 3 theories.
Ed's lunchtime menu
Ed has been busy with his maths
Ed has been keeping a Covid 19 diary
Elodie's version of Late to a meeting.
Part of Selena's Maya myth
Selena has found the correct homophones
Selena's art work for the school gate
Natasha created some art out of Hammerbeads
Natasha found the Maya cities
Try Jorja's hot chocolate ideas!
Jorja's thoughts on what happened to the Maya.
Who were the Maya by Jorja
Lewis's story opening- makes you want to read more

Tarak's Minecraft Maya civilisation has grown

Ewan's Recorder Practice!

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Jemma showing us her Spanish skills!

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Natasha and her family completed a rocket experiment and wow did it fly!

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Elodie has been Kayaking as part of her PE!

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