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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Week 7

James' mountain learning
Vicky had a lovely night camping!
Vicky's mountain learning 1
Vicky's mountain learning 2
Mia's mountain learning
Mia's verb learning
Mia's volcano learning
Mia's relative clause learning
Erin's spellngs!
Isla's super spellings!
Ruby's homemade cookies!
Ruby's bike ride!
Bethany's garden coordinates
Bethany's talk to the hand
Roman numeral hopscotch
Bethany's pasties
Bethany's art
DIY with Jayden
Jayden's maths
Jayden's maths
Daniel has been raising money for charity!
Archie's maths
Chloe's book cover
Chloe's drawing in response to music
Rosie's rainbow letter!
Arabella's fantastic division!
Vicky's comprehension
Vicky's fraction learning
Vicky fixing a wind chime
Vicky's fraction learning
Vicky's problem solving
Mia's all about me!
Mia's relative clause learning!
Mia's fraction learning
Aoife's water cycle 1
Aoife's water cycle 2
Jame's All About Me writing
Kaidyn's Merfang!
Ruby's prize for the writing competition!
Elisabeth's butterfly project 1
Elisabeth's butterfly project 2
Elisabeth's butterfly project 3
Elisabeth's butterfly project 4
Izzy's homemade maths!
Izzy's alphabet verbs!
Izzy's day in the life!
The Water Cycle by Evie
Evie's writing
Evie's letter
A day in the life of Evie
The Rocky Mountains by Evie
Evie's Map!
Noah's maths!
Noah's maths!
Noah's tomato plants!
The Life cycle of a tomato by Noah
Noah's Once Upon a Picture
A day in the life of Sophie!
Sophie's verb alphabet
Sophie's maths
Sophie's Mountains
Noah's sunflower maths!
Archie's fractions!
Archie's maths!

Glowstick dancing.MOV

Still image for this video
Jayden's glow stick dancing!