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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Week 8

Lincoln's fraction learning
Lincoln's relative clause learning
Lincoln's mountain learning
Oscar's baking!
Oscar's home made volcano
Ruby's wild camping adventure
Ruby's very own vegetable patch
Ruby's times table learning
Josh's crafts (before)
Josh's crafts (after)
Skyla's character description
Skyla's persuasive letter to reduce plastic waste
Skyla's beautiful poem about the ocean
James' desert island description
James' teeth learning
Erin's spellings!
James' maths learning
Annie's Hopscotch!
Annie's maths learning
Harry's maths 1
Harry's maths 2
Harry's maths 3
Kaidyn's hedgehog home 1
Kaidyn's hedgehog home 2
Kaidyn's hedgehogs facts
Evie's maths
Evie's teeth project
Evie's island
Evie's tooth fairy
Evie's teeth!
Mia's teeth learning 1
Mia's dolphin teeth research
Mia's maths elarning
Mia's embedded clause learning
Mia's desert island
Oscar's embedded clause learning
Oscar's teeth learning 1
Oscar's teeth learning 2
Elisabeth's desert island description
Elisabeth's pizza computing learning
Elisabeth's teeth learning