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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Weeks 11 and 12

Ed B completed the worksheet on negative numbers
Emil has been enjoying gardening over lockdown
Finley's learning about cube numbers
Finley completed the spelling crossword
Jess's research page about bluefin tuna
Elodie's research about why tigers are endangered
Immi chose to research the northern spotted owl
Jack R created a slideshow about the Amur leopard
Jemma has been working hard on Reading Plus
Jess made a poster all about the fin whale
Finley had a go at the spelling wordsearch
Jess' research about the Yangtze finless porpoise
Xenia wrote and illustrated this information page
Finn making a kite for his cubs challenge
Ed B's comprehension answers about the white rhino
Natasha made some slides about the blue whale
Emil's information page about the Siberian tiger
Natasha has been writing embedded clauses
Finn's oil pastel drawing of a panda
Raffy has been practising finding square numbers
Ollie K's research on the snow leopard
Natasha completed the SPAG worksheet
Finn's challenge - how strong is the bridge?
Jacob's fact page about a giant panda
Raffy's research about whale sharks
James' drawing of some mountain gorillas
Ben's final piece of writing about pandas
Jemma showing off her growing strawberries
Oliwia did the 'ough' crossword and wordsearch
Toby managed to crack the tricky code
Owen's comprehension answers on the white rhino
Oliwia's information page about the giant panda
Owen's final piece of writing about the red panda
Oliwia practising writing embedded clauses
Henry S's very cute bunny rabbit
Henry's learning from the week
Lucas made an information page about elephants
Jemma and her most recent bake
Owen managed to work out how to crack the code
Toby working hard on his maths

Check out Ewan's football skills!

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