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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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... when they are unwell or need medicine

We ensure that all children are cared for when at school.

We strongly encourage children to come to school every day, even when they are feeling a bit "under the weather" - we will keep a good eye on them and if, at any point, we think they are struggling, we will call you immediately.



Please click to read our MEDICAL POLICIES



All our staff have basic first aid training. However, they are not medically trained.


In class - Small injuries are firstly managed by our LSAs. If they have further concerns, then the children are referred to our school office where they will be cared for and the injury attended to.


At break times: We have a First Aid station situated in the playground. All First Aid incidents are dealt with and recorded by staff.


Head injuries - all head injuries, including any knock to the head, are recorded in our First Aid book. For all head injuries, we telephone parents to give them an opportunity to come into school to check their child. The child will also be given a note to take home to say that an incident occurred.

If we have concerns about the child, we will ask the parent to come into school. If the situation seems very serious and we are unable to contact the parent, then a member of staff will escort the child to a local hospital. In critical situations, we will telephone 999 and request emergency services.